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We Did It

Well....we did it...we over came the apocalypse- err, the pandemic....We were shown what we were made of...We were shown the fragileness of life....the importance of health, family, communication and so much more...We faced extensive challenges amongst the world and continued to stay connected as much as we could through technological advances....and all I can say is WOW... how proud I am of the human race....To have faced such circumstances- to have risen have stayed have embraced the unknowns, the scrutiny, the separations, the civil wars and to have triumphed...Even when it looked uncertain - we got through it...Was it easy? NO.... But we did it... This is what humans are made of... I continued to teach yoga + peace during these times- and sure some passions were lost, as hope dwindled - but that fire within me never burnt out....I never lost faith that the good would prevail... I cried more tears than ever before, scared for the safety of our planet and world but never lost my faith that the universe would provide a way for us to keep living and thriving.... I'm so proud of ALL of us who are standing and continuing to be there for ourselves, our families and our communities....I want to acknowledge us all for finding our way back to what makes us happy regardless of that very traumatic and dark age... We are all here... I see you... We are, were and always will be in it all together... Never give up... Never lose faith....No matter....what...I send you the deepest love and acknowledgment that anyone ever can- near and far...Know that you have and always will have the strength it takes to over come anything at any time...Never forget....


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