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Becoming The Yogini

There was once a time where I didn't know what my future held; What seemed like a grey cloud of uncertainty, that kept me in a state of confusion. Trapped beneath the chains of fear and despair was a powerful little girl filled with so much love and the ability to feel what others felt. A blessing and a curse, I learned that I was who I was for a very big reason. Determined to master the ability to ground the emotional turmoil of others, the healer within me burst out of the chains and revealed itself. The passion to help others heal was awakened. I realized that just by helping one person, could possibly help change the world....and found me.. Like a roar from a lion in a silent room, there it was. A beacon of light luring me in like a moth to a bright light. I stepped into a yoga class and immediately shed the layers of pain that I had stored within my body. I transcended the trauma I had experienced throughout life, into blessings that I realized I needed, to become who I am today. I looked at myself in the mirror that day and I saw somebody else... a woman... a healer.. a channel of the divine.. a passionate human on a mission to spread love and understanding to those who feel alone as I once felt. There was a person of hope, faith, strength and so much determination looking back at me. With tears of joy in my eyes, I decided in that very moment that I would dedicate the rest of my life to helping lift the spirits of others; to help them realize the life that they have been gifted, is one worth living passionately and with joy, happiness and trust.

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